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As teamdesk already has unique functionality, I think the most potential lies in usability and ui design. I think a modern design (like https://dribbble.com/shots/1458422-Vonigo-Schedule/attachments/216307) would not only make it easier for users to adapt to the database, but also makes it much easier to acquire new customers.

User Experience

Bernhard Schulz
Date Created
5/13/2017 1:45:07 PM
Date Updated
7/2/2018 10:16:53 AM
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Ivan PapishLocation LogicPatricio Bustos
Rebecca SellScott MillerChristof Sulzer
Bernhard Schulz
Rebecca Sell 5/15/2017 2:37:22 AM
Hi yes all for a more modern design ... As long as it doesn't slow the system down with page refreshes,
Scott Miller 5/15/2017 11:32:25 AM
Agree with Bernhard. Improvements to the UI/Design would definitely help as I too feel this area lags behind the brilliant functionality.
Rick Cogley 5/17/2017 5:20:31 AM
The design cited is indeed nice. But I'm wondering how such a design could be reconciled with the "color flexibility" that is an important part of the current design. The fact that colors can be specified here and there seems to be a favorite part of the UI, according to my users.
Patricio Bustos 5/18/2017 1:17:54 PM
Yesterday I was in a talk of PowerBI of Microsoft and clearly the graphic engine is very powerful. If TeamDesk had any of that engine as shown by Bernhard it would be fantastic.
Bernhard Schulz 6/28/2017 6:16:54 AM
Anyone out there using teamdesk database with a custom user interface on API-basis?
Scott Miller 12/20/2017 5:59:21 AM
Wondered if this was on the 'roadmap' as it's probably the area that is questioned most?
Slava Shinderov  Staff  12/21/2017 7:38:36 AM
@All yes, it's on our roadmap but we can't provide you with any ETA as for now.
Instead of redesigning everything from scratch we will try to provide step by step improvements.
By the way we'll be appreciated if you answer following questions:

What do you love/hate about our current design?
Why to redesign, what do you expect from redesigned UI?

Patricio Bustos 12/21/2017 10:52:16 AM
Hi Slava,
I believe that the current design is highly functional and operational, and with that there is no problem. But there are other more modern ways of presenting the information and we would love them to be available. An example is shown by Bernhard. In my case I am fascinated by the Power BI design of Microsoft. I think a similar concept for TeamDesk would make it much better.
Scott Miller 1/3/2018 8:53:16 AM
I know Santa has been and gone but here’s my wish list!

More control/flexibility on Form and Dashboard layouts
• Independent column height/width on Forms (e.g. a date or Y/N columns can be small)
• More than 4 columns on a Form row
• More than 2 Views on a Dashboard row and ability to resize each one
• Ideally you would build a form/dashboard that would contain modules you could resize and position
• A module can contain tabs of related Tables (e.g. you are edit a customer record and can see the last x Invoices or last x emails in the module/window)
• Not having to carriage return a new row if the end section is larger (this ties in with the ability to resize)
• Ability to change font/style/colour via interface without css hacks

Allow columns to be justified left or right (this is a right pain 😊).

The screenshot posted is a good example of using softer fonts/colours in general use.

I know the current form/dashboard layout aims to cater for all the various pc/laptop/mobile/tablet screen sizes/resolutions, so it would be great if that was still available as a default for those that would prefer the one size fits all setup.

You did ask!

basenine 1/8/2018 12:15:10 AM
- Fixed Header where "My Team Desk", "Support", User and "Setup" reside. Put the company logo here as well.
- Hide logo on devices but allow for easy setup of WebApp icon where uploaded images go through resizing at TD's end ..... like it's done here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/os-integration/
- Modern Calendar on right pane....I like that.
- Left pane to house tables, rather than on top. Views/Reports to be in own section under the Tables. (Use 'More" like the Vonigo Schedule image shows)
- Independent scrolling within panes: Left/Centre/Right
- Flatten/modernise buttons (like the Vonigo Schedule image)
- clear the white-noise (for example, the white lines between columns in forms is unnecessary)
basenine 1/9/2018 12:00:40 AM
Strangely, this:
...was the original intention of the new forms.
IMO much clearer to read.
My understanding is that there was an issue with padding (?)

- More (or rather, better) colour selection options. The basic ones currently available scream windows '98.

Rick Cogley 1/10/2018 12:46:05 AM
Hi basenine, you can specify hex values I think but, it would be nice if the default picker-blocks were set to nicer colors. I like these defaults: http://clrs.cc/

As for me, I'd like:

* in addition to displaying field name above or to the left of a field, I'd like the ability to hide it.

* the ability to blur out or show a field, similar to what you can do in Reddit with the spoilers command, or, have the option for a show/hide toggle, for a given field. This would be great for quizzes.

* ability to set a default for views with "ask the user" fields. When you open such a view, it automatically shows the default selection but, you can still change it.

* have a popup with more info appear, when hovering over a calendar entry.

* pin-able tabs for users.

* ability to star favorite views, and have them show up in an automatic favorites section under views.

Here's the reddit version: https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/i2mg6/attention_we_now_have_a_new_spoilertagging_system/

basenine 1/10/2018 12:53:07 AM
Hello Rick...HB for the other day 😉

I use these values in the Variables section of the Database Table:

Then I can use them in formulas a little easier. Var([BOOTSTRAP GREEN]), for example.
PITA setting it up on every database though
Rick Cogley 1/10/2018 12:55:15 AM
Thanks! Happy New Year!

Yeah, that's a good idea. I'd like to have universal variables that could be set once and used in all projects or, a way to easily load them without fiddling.
basenine 1/10/2018 2:25:17 AM
As a note to self...
I played around with fixing the navbar and logo section today.
Fantastic results...esp the SETUP being static, so when I'm digging deep down a page and see an error or something that can be tweaked, context-menu the SETUP link and open in a new tab without losing my position of the page. nice 👍


I won't be using my way of doing it (unless pressed), however I'd like to see TD create a navbar and logo header like the dribbble image above.
Scott Miller 7/2/2018 10:16:53 AM
@Slava any update ref this?
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