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Some personal opinion of the new (v3) UI
Here are the reasons I am not switching to the new UI any time soon:

1) The Tab, Table and Form headings are too plain and do not catch attention. I prefer the dark background colour style of the existing v2 version.

2) For me, colors can help indicate the nature of the data. For example, red is used to show a table that contains request for authorization; turquoise is used for the table of heavy euipments (because many of the heavy equipment are painted with this color at the work site). Over time users would recognize the context of the data without needing to read the heading texts.

3) There is no improvements of the color palette from v2 to v3. There are only 70 colors to choose from, and not all of them look good when used in a theme.

Actually I wish there are some changes in the developer's UI. For example:

a) Every time I add a new column, be it in the table, or formula, lookup, summary, recordset, I have to manually remove it from the default view and form as most of these columns are not meant to be displayed.

b) Provide a "Global variable" table for user independent data, such as tax rates. We can then use "Glo[...]" (just an example) to reference these data. The practice right now is to place them in "User Property", and reference it as "User[...]". But then the User Property table can have too many non-user specific columns.

c) Provide version note which users can see or call up to read after an upgrade. As a simpler alternative, provide the database "Description" column a "Lines to display" option, so that when the description contains the version history, most of the older notes can be hidden.

But nevertheless, thanks to the Teamdesk team for providing a most productive platform!

User Experience

Date Created
3/4/2024 1:07:06 AM
Date Updated
3/4/2024 7:12:36 AM
Nick Ashcroft 3/4/2024 2:36:34 AM
I agree that Im having a hard timing liking the new UI. For me

- too much padding around the db title / logo
- the font of the data entry fields is much bigger than the font of the labels compared to v2 (in all font size - small, normal, large)
- too much padding around the fields - the screens are far less condensed than they used to be leading to more scrolling (even in small font)
- the labels are no longer bottom aligned with the entry fields
- the 'new' menu being placed into the action buttons main form rather than being its own menu - especially if the new button doesnt apply to the current table !

some of this might be addressed with custom css changes but Id rather it was part of the core design.

on your points
3a - you know there is a tickbox when creating a column whether to include in the default view or not ?
3b - global variables already exist in teamdesk and can be included in any formula
3c - would be nice if we could make use of the teamdesk own 'new feature' widget ourselves where the user is presented with a custom section of text to read then click away.

SDM IT 3/4/2024 7:12:36 AM
Hi Nick,

Thanks for responding.

Yes on my dislike of the plain headings I was thinking of how to use the CSS to implement my own preference, but I feel that it defeat the purpose.

And your response:

On 3a), if I add several columns at one go, all of them will have the "include in views by default" turned on. Then I have to go back to each one to turn it off. Of course the alternative is not to use the default view at all. That is what I have done.

On 3b), in the database variable sections are text constants, not variables. Only the user with setup access can change it. I am referring to operational variables which should be maintained by end users themselves. I remember there is a blog teaching us to do it with "User Property". My point is that User[...] is not the same thing as a Glo[...].


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