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1536Custom Button Type applicable to Whole Table View20New IdeaCustomization7/3/2022 10:58:04 PM
1242Add Print Document as a selection for Custom Buttons60ImplementedCustomization7/2/2022 5:08:48 AM
1534Multipage PDF View with arrows40New IdeaUser Experience6/28/2022 7:47:43 AM
1535Formula to operate on two text lists 30New IdeaCustomization6/24/2022 12:09:47 AM
594Ability to know when a document has been printed80New IdeaTeamDesk6/18/2022 4:37:36 AM
1280"Joint" NEW form90New IdeaCustomization6/17/2022 1:11:42 AM
1532Force update NOW Action (Docs and attachments)40Not PlannedIntegration/API6/15/2022 11:42:31 AM
1533Generate and Store Document and Upsert workflow actions30New IdeaIntegration/API6/14/2022 2:36:37 PM
1522Update Database Variables from actions or triggers50New IdeaTeamDesk6/14/2022 12:45:11 PM
54Column History Tracking520New IdeaUser Experience6/9/2022 9:14:31 AM