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2009Smart & Useful AI Formula Integration20New IdeaDatabase Library9/21/2023 1:07:28 PM
2004Webhook Error Tracking20ImplementedIntegration/API9/11/2023 5:03:09 AM
612Smart Columns60In DevelopmentTeamDesk8/31/2023 6:04:03 AM
2005Adding new columns to a Form to be optional50New IdeaSetup8/29/2023 9:18:49 AM
473Grid Edit300New IdeaUser Experience8/29/2023 3:11:01 AM
2002Checkbox modification - Third State Required.30New IdeaUser Experience8/29/2023 2:43:02 AM
2003Printer Selection50New IdeaUser Experience8/11/2023 9:25:35 PM
1428Copy Workflow Actions and Triggers230New IdeaTeamDesk7/31/2023 5:14:30 AM
272Outlook Connector200New IdeaIntegration/API7/25/2023 7:57:58 AM
1998Reorder form behaviour / expand & collapse details40New IdeaTeamDesk7/25/2023 5:50:25 AM