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Mobile: Alert (with buttons) show up in Inbox
I am curious if combining alert notifications (especially the ones with buttons) and sending them like a task into the inbox labeled "alert"[or custom] would make it less confusing? The alert itself can live in the "Alert" segment but the notification shows itself in the inbox, especially Alerts with buttons?

My guys get confused because some tasks done in the inbox create alerts with buttons they have to periodically go and review... just a thought that would help

Mobile App

MF Builders
Date Created
6/7/2024 9:28:28 AM
Date Updated
6/8/2024 12:28:56 PM
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Rebecca SellMF Builders
cooper collier  6/7/2024 12:00:18 PM
In my experience, using the mobile app doesn't always give me the level of control I need. Instead, I've found that creating a simple webpage and embedding a form or view is a better solution. This way, I have more control over the appearance and functionality of the interface.

I also have clients who prefer to go directly to and log in from their mobile devices. To ensure they have a smooth experience, I make sure that all forms and views they use on mobile devices are will display correctly.

One helpful trick I've learned is to save the webpage as an icon on the mobile device's home screen, effectively turning it into a Progressive Web App (PWA). I like to call this "APifying" the webpage. It does come with one quirk, though: if you open a different app while using the PWA and then return to the PWA using its home screen icon, it may open a new instance of Teamdesk instead of returning to the previous session. To avoid this issue, my people use the open apps screen to return to the original Teamdesk page they were on.

If you need I can show an example sometime.

MF Builders 6/8/2024 12:28:56 PM
Thanks Cooper for these ideas.
Yes i see that the form item displays well with the different columns seemingly lining up to scroll... the table view seems to retain the same display format with the tabs and so forth... less navigable.. so maybe one option is creating views dedicated to mobile with fewer columns could be something... As for the App, I am still able to more or less all the features and functions I need for my guys... they can clock in, rent out equipment, scan materials receipts they buy, submit claims & requests, look at job stats, lookup site addresses, etc... It turns out it helps us a lot....

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