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Subscription by user property table tick box
Is it possible to subscribe to an email subscription by the value of a field in the user property table?
Rather than a fixed email address or address in a table column where the subscription is created.
Have a user property table where I want to control who gets a subscription, is it possible to do this via a tick box in that table and use that to control who gets the subscription?
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John Gordon
Date Created
6/7/2024 4:10:22 AM
Date Updated
6/7/2024 12:11:25 PM
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cooper collier John Gordon
cooper collier  6/7/2024 11:01:13 AM
You should be able to do this on the View that is attached to the subscription.

Just make the view available to only persons with the subscribe checkmark in the user profile
make sure to choose, Avoid empty reports in the subscription setup
John Gordon 6/7/2024 11:03:24 AM
Thanks Cooper that is exactly what I have done in the end. It's just not obvious in the documentation and Team Desk say you can't do it.
Just trying to work out now how to allow users to tick some of their options in the User Property table while not others.
cooper collier  6/7/2024 12:11:25 PM
learning from scratch can be difficult. Go to the bottom of the teamdesk main page look at the bottom for Getting Started Vedeos. There a lots of them, including many I made.

Allowing people to control there own user settings, but not all of them.
You would do that in two ways... ok 3

1. Use form behaviors. To make it easier, make sure you are using the drag and drop interface.

2. Make a button, that asks the user for there choice, You do that by simple making a button and in the button properties towards the top there is a line for "user input" select the columns you want them to change.

3. This one is more difficult, But you can make a button that essentially opens a dialog box with only the columns you need them to see.

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