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Direct Link to Workspace
Hello - I like Workspaces, but having to explain the steps to get to one for a person who is new to the system is tedious.

I'd like to propose that there be a way to directly link to a given Workspace. A bonus would be, if we could also say which table is selected within the Workspace, as default, and, to be able to order the tables in a workspace.

I started thinking about this when I was making a "system list" for change control. My system list has a major category like "M365" or "Teamdesk", and a named area within that, so you get: "M365 - Purview", "M365 - Entra", "Teamdesk - CRM", "Teamdesk - Expenses" and so on. I want to link to the main area for config admin / setup, and, to the Workspace for each area. That way, a user can just be directed right to the set of tables needed to do some work. However it's currently not possible, and we need to link to something else like a view or table, and, explain what workspace would be convenient.

I hope you can consider.
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Rick Cogley
Date Created
1/11/2024 4:16:46 AM
Date Updated
1/11/2024 4:16:46 AM
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