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Mobile Client Application
I am looking for something to help me link the Mobile Client Application to a table that we already have. The idea is to have the mobile application linked to our credit card receipt records table. I can't find any videos on how to link the Mobile App to a table.
Mobile App

Kelsey Powers
Date Created
12/14/2023 9:08:08 AM
Date Updated
12/15/2023 6:09:50 AM
Pierre 12/15/2023 6:09:50 AM
Hello Kelsey

With the mobile App you can easily create new / update existing records.
It is explained here
and in the following section.

I don't think you can view existing records on the mobile app. But I am not, and by far, the most knowledgeable.

You can also create an icon on any smartphone, connecting on the TeamDesk application.
This is quite efficient.

Some users have been looking for third party mobile application builders that you could use with TeamDesk.
At the time their experience was not conclusive.

Kind regards,

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