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The Greatest Thing in the History of Great Things!!
Please please please...

Can we have an HTML Editor option for either the Multi-Line Text Column or a separate column type altogether, similar to this

This would open up a massive chasm of possibility when it came to the usefulness of your whole database system. API calls could be easy created to modify HTML content.

This would bring a whole host of possibilities when it came to Web-To-Record Forms, View Embedding, not to mention the scope of possibilities with APIs.

Currently I use this already, but i have to use a third party HTML generator which is less than ideal.

A built in HTML Generator could also be used for much more functional and appealing Email Notifications.

And if you somehow worked into to formulas, then that chasm opens its doors again.

Get voting folks! You know it would be epic! lol.

Jonny Gee

Jonathan Gee
Date Created
12/13/2023 12:29:06 PM
Date Updated
12/13/2023 12:29:06 PM
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Patricio BustosJonathan Gee
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