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Using AI in Teamdesk Development
Recently AI has been introduced into Teamdesk to help constructing databases. I have not seen for myself how it may help me. But I have just had a nice experience using AI with Teamdesk which I thought you migut find it interesting.

I have been looking for a way to have some of the database pages auto-reloaded periodically. For the past few years I have googled for a good solution but have not found an easy one. Many of the offerings are in the form of a browser extension and needs settings which I find not easy to implement for the general DB users and even for myself. So I have never got to implement auto-reload.

I browse the TD user guide from time to time to see if there is still some tools that I can try out. Yesterday a light bulb went on in my head and I typed "Javascript" in the search bar. I read again how to add a dbscript.js file in the resource folder that will be run on every page. Then I thought, what if that script can do auto-reload? The light bulb in my head shined even brighter and I opened the Copilot in the Edge browser (I run TD in Chrome but I open Edge on another screen for other tasks). I asked the MS Copilot if it can suggest a JS snippet to auto-reload. "Sure", replied Copilot together with a snippet complete with comments. Then I asked it to add conditional control for selected pages and again it replied "sure". Next I copied the code into a text file, edited and save it as "dbscript.js", and add it to the DB "resources". And It works!

Actually up to today I have never taken a serious lesson in JS and CSS. But now I find it enjoyable to just call AI to cover my disadvantages. Hope you all find the same!
User Experience

Date Created
10/24/2023 11:53:27 PM
Date Updated
10/26/2023 11:01:28 AM
Patricio Bustos 10/25/2023 5:20:31 AM
Tks for Sharing
Luison Lassala 10/26/2023 11:01:28 AM
Useful comment for those of us like you who would not be hot on JS and CSS! Thanks
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