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User Input Functionality & Alternative Labels
Add the ability to specify and view alternative labels for columns used for the "User Input" property of custom button.

Jonathan Gee
Date Created
10/22/2023 3:11:27 AM
Date Updated
11/3/2023 5:17:45 AM
New Idea
Promoted By
Anatoliy ZachynskiyJonathan Gee
calvin peters 10/22/2023 9:40:59 AM
Using form behaviour and by adding a tag to the record you can accomplish this
with "EDIT FORM" as your choice on the button action rather than
Add a CHECKBOX to your table relating to the edit action button being clicked.
Set an assignment to the button that checks it true

On your FORM SETUP under FORM BEHAVIOR set a new behavior based
On that tag set to "true" that hides all of the unneeded columns for that action.

Set up your button Perform your button actions under ACTIONS on the button
And set the last button action as a reset to the new tag so it gets reset to "false"
On completion.
The result is a user input form that uses the same
column labels as your actual input form when editing.

It sounds like more work than it actually is and solves this issue
... assuming I understand the suggestion properly.

Luison Lassala 10/26/2023 10:50:15 AM
@calvin peters - that sounds like a clever way to provide users with a better experience when inputting values in a Custom Button. The user will see the same form (with only the relevant fields/columns) as usual and, presumably, with the same features like dropdown lists, look-up/reference fields, etc??
I must check this out!
Thanks for the suggestion
Jonathan Gee 10/29/2023 3:11:52 PM
@calvin peters
Good thinking....
It will certainly achieve what I need it to... better than the Edit Columns functionality anyway! I never thought of doing it that way! Cheers Dude!

Jonathan Gee 10/29/2023 4:42:42 PM
@calvin peters
I have set this up and it works, with the exception of returning the switch to false on save.
If I have the third action to change the switch back to false, it completes this before the records chose for editing are saved.
How do you set the action to return the edit switch back to false once the edit record is saved?
Luison Lassala 10/30/2023 7:33:49 AM
@calvin peters - I tried to configure this input method but then I realised it Edit Form as User-input only works for "Preview Page" button Location, not for Multi-records. Which makes sense, but it will make it less useful for my applications as I have many Actions requiring user input on many fields that should be applicable to multiple records. It will be useful for single-record Actions.

@jonathan gee - You need a new Action, which sets the Assignment: "false" to [Switch_Column], and this action needs to be Reordered to the bottom of the Actions associated with the button. In that case, it will execute AFTER any other Actions you have associated with the button.

calvin peters 10/30/2023 9:48:46 AM
@jonathan gee
As @Luison Lassala suggests, the final Action is coded to return your tag to 'false' state. It has to be coded as a stand-alone action and be the final action in your stack so that all other actions preceding it are completed and 'saved' before it executes.

The only Action which would be coded after this typically would be a NAVIGATION action as these are, by design, the final act in execution since there is no way to navigate back and continue further actions.

Jonathan Gee 11/3/2023 5:17:45 AM
Surely the Edit Columns functionality should work like a form though. It even truncates long descriptions!
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