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Smart & Useful AI Formula Integration
Hi All!
The idea I am proposing is simple and very similar to the formula suggestions recently implemented...

You create a New AI Type formula column, whereby you pose a question to AI...

e.g. Write a 100 word description about the topic contained in [ColumnA]

Column A would contain something like 'Cheese Burgers' and in Column B, it would be populated with a 100 word description of what Cheese Burgers are....

It would be beneficial if we could run a periodical update on these values... like every few months or something, In case there are any new revelations on the topic of cheeseburgers to keep things up-to-date.

This would save no end of time when it comes to writing laborius, but mandatory drivel descriptions....

Hope you like. Please comment with other ideas you think this could be used for and get voting up to save my keyboard fingers from RSI.


Jonny Gee

Database Library

Jonathan Gee
Date Created
9/21/2023 1:07:28 PM
Date Updated
9/21/2023 1:07:28 PM
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basenineJonathan Gee
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