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How to use TeamDesk users credentials to log into Auth0 SSO Login page

I'm a developer for WaterDesk, based on TeamDesk. By reading your blog article, I successfully configured SSO for WaterDesk with Auth0.

We have a requirement to be able to allow WaterDesk users to log in via the Auth0 interface (or Universal Login Window) using their existing WaterDesk credentials. One solution that was suggested by Auth0 ( is to use a Custom database along with the script for login.

This script for login will require me to hash the customer's plain password. I will also need the connection string to the WaterDesk database (all users).

Can you please help me?

Vikram Singh Saini
Date Created
9/7/2023 3:07:18 AM
Date Updated
9/7/2023 5:26:47 AM
Kirill Bondar  Staff  9/7/2023 5:26:47 AM
We do not provide direct access to the user database storage. And yes, Auth0's **sample script** hashes password prior to passing it to authorization method, but it won't work with TeamDesk.

If you are trying to perform lazy migration of WaterDesk users to Auth0 consider the following:

Create dummy database and add there all the users that are subject for Auth0 login.

Set up Auth0 login script to call REST API's User method in your dummy database using Basic Authorization with email and password provided by Auth0. If user/password pair is valid the method will respond with user information aka profile. If not, it will respond with 4xx error code and the message you can use to provide valid error feedback to Auth0 to indicate failed login.

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