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Adding new columns to a Form to be optional
At the moment, when a new Column is created in a Table, the field is added automatically to the Table's default Form: sometimes at the bottom, sometimes at the top!
Very often we create Formula fields for calculations that should not be displayed on the Form - so we need to remove them from the Form manually, which can be (often is!) annoying if you forget to do it.

It would be better to have the OPTION to add the new column to the Form or NOT, as a setting for the Column - just like we have the option to add it to the Default View.

Luison Lassala
Date Created
8/29/2023 3:25:00 AM
Date Updated
8/29/2023 9:18:49 AM
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Jonathan GeeJorge Solácooper collier
Patricio BustosPierreLuison Lassala
cooper collier  8/29/2023 8:46:48 AM
Our go-to technique, which proves effective 99% of the time, involves creating a section labeled "Dev" and placing it directly above the default system section. It is crucial for this section to be positioned above the system section and below all other sections.

In most cases, new columns are added to this section. It is advisable to test it for each form. If it functions correctly with one column, it typically works for all subsequent new columns. However, if it doesn't work on a particular form, attempting to create another section often resolves the issue.

Next, set the section to be invisible for all roles except those assigned with the dev role (or any other role designated for programming purposes).

Although we still perform checks to prevent any unforeseen mishaps where a new column may erroneously appear on the form, having this failsafe in place proves invaluable.

We have a policy to immediately do this when creating a new table, all our clients have this in all tables!
Luison Lassala 8/29/2023 9:09:08 AM
Thanks for the suggestion Cooper, but it is only a workaround solution. We shouldn't have to create Sections for every Table and apply Form Behaviour rules just to prevent unwanted columns from showing up on Forms.
cooper collier  8/29/2023 9:18:49 AM
Certainly! I completely agree with you, and I wholeheartedly support your point. However, I would like to add an additional suggestion to this matter.

In the form editor, the columns that are not displayed on the form appear at the top, but unfortunately, they tend to truncate the full column name. It is crucial for these column names to be displayed in their entirety, at least when hovering the mouse over them.

By ensuring that the full column names are visible, it would greatly improve the usability and clarity of the form editor interface.
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