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Checkbox modification - Third State Required.
Can we have a third state adding to the Checkbox Field Type....
The third state would basically be nothing (Unchosen) that would force the user to select a state that the record should begin in once created.
Without the third state, you're also unable to make a Checkbox field Required in Behaviour because it always assumes that one of the states is selected, even though it may not be the setting required.
Its not actually a third boolean state that is required. But just the ability to not select any state when creating a new record!
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Date Created
8/11/2023 9:16:55 PM
Date Updated
8/29/2023 2:43:02 AM
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Luison Lassalacooper collier JonnyGee
cooper collier  8/14/2023 3:09:49 PM
We actually ran into this problem with a client, we had to use a basic text column and make 3 choices.., Not Answered, Yes, No.
It would have been easier if we had a Not Answered state for the true/false box.
Jonathan Gee 8/14/2023 11:52:34 PM
I never really considered it to be 3 states selectable since boolean by nature is only 2 States.
The problem is you do not currently have the option to choose the starting state. It currently has to have starting state.
If you imagine a light switch. When in operation it is boolean, states on and off, but before the switch is installed (record saved), the switch is in neither condition. The installer selects the starting position by the position of the switch on installation.
I want to be able to force the user to select a starting state, rather than overlook a potential setting that could be just left default through laziness. You can't currently make this field type required because the state is in no condition to begin with.
basenine 8/23/2023 1:59:35 AM
Simply typing 'null' into the default formula field will return a blank series of checkboxes (

This does not work however, for radio buttons....were it would be even more useful.
Luison Lassala 8/29/2023 2:43:02 AM
Yes, it is important (necessary!) that the initial state be 'null'. I've tried to get around this limitation using both suggestions above (using Text-dropdown rather than Checkbox fields, or assigning a Default value of 'null' to the Checkbox field) and using the 'Label value' option of the Checkbox settings.
But it would be neater if the default value for a Checkbox field was 'null' rather than FALSE. It is especially difficult to search for records with a 'blank' value in the field rather than a negation (FALSE) of the Checkbox.
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