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Suggest Columns
I just noticed a "Suggest Columns" button in the column creation page.
Is it new or have I missed it all along ?

Kind regards,



Date Created
6/1/2023 8:27:20 AM
Date Updated
6/2/2023 2:31:31 AM
cooper collier  6/1/2023 9:19:58 AM
It is new and pretty neat. I made a table and called it Duck. I figured it could not suggest anything, (I certainly could not think of any columns off hand.)
But it did come up with a handful of excellent suggestions.
Try it.
Pierre 6/1/2023 9:27:09 AM
Maybe some AI underneath
Here is what Chat GPT answers to the question 'what fields would you create in a table named "duck" ':

When creating a table named "duck," the fields you might consider including would depend on the specific information you want to store about ducks. Here are some common fields you could include:

1. ID: A unique identifier for each duck entry.
2. Species: The species of the duck, such as Mallard, Muscovy, or Mandarin.
3. Name: An optional field to store individual names if you want to keep track of named ducks.
4. Age: The age of the duck, either in months or years.
5. Gender: The gender of the duck, typically male or female.
6. Color: The color or plumage of the duck, such as brown, white, or a specific pattern.
7. Habitat: The natural habitat or environment where the duck is usually found.
8. Diet: The primary food or diet of the duck, such as plants, insects, or small fish.
9. Wingspan: The wingspan of the duck, which can vary depending on the species.
10. Migration Status: Whether the duck is a migratory species or non-migratory.
11. Conservation Status: The conservation status of the duck, indicating if it is endangered, threatened, or of least concern.
12. Average Lifespan: The average lifespan of the duck species, providing an estimate of how long they typically live.
13. Behavior: A description of notable behaviors or characteristics of the duck species.
14. Photo: A field to store a reference or link to a photo of the duck.

These fields should give you a starting point, but feel free to modify or add additional fields based on your specific requirements or the intended purpose of the table.
cooper collier  6/1/2023 9:31:55 AM
all I need to know about ducks is how fast they fly and how much to lead them.....and I still would miss!!! I shoot like Yosemite Sam
Kirill Bondar  Staff  6/2/2023 1:40:13 AM
Bingo, Pierre!

ChatGPT is indeed behind the scenes.

Basically, we pass the names of the tables already in the database plus the names and types of columns in the table in question. What we get back are names for new columns, their type, and whether it is reference to another table or formula. Speaking of formulas, at the moment the model does not know much about TeamDesk specifics, so the formula code is rather written in "common-sense" language. Anyway, we consider having "[Amount] * [Item Price]" for Invoice Item's Total is a good result.
Pierre 6/2/2023 2:31:31 AM
Very neat !
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