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I have created a dashboard called 'Weekly Reports' which generates a range of reports based on some of my individual databases / Tabs. I particularly like to generate graphs. For example I like to monitor the value in £'s and the number of quotes submitted by each sales person on a bar chart, but I have to produce a separate graph for the Value and another chart for the number of quotes.

Is it possible to be able to depict more than one characteristic eg Number of Records and Value on the same graph?

is it possible to have more control over the lay out of views on the dashboard?

For example sometimes depending on the number of records that week in a cross tab report, the title of the next graph may appear near the bottom of one page but the graph itself may appear on the next page which can be confusing.

Thank you.


Karl Sharpe
Date Created
4/17/2023 5:01:51 AM
Date Updated
4/17/2023 10:03:22 AM
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Patricio BustosKarl Sharpe
cooper collier  4/17/2023 10:03:22 AM
Have you tried using a Pivot Table to get multiple values?

You can also pipe the TeamDesk out to PowerBI and use its charting.
This may be nice if you made a display board in the office.

If neither of these work, let me know, I worked with another person on embedding external HTML5 charts. I need to confer with him, unless he sees this and responds directly.

As far as layout, that will be tricky, TeamDesk views are responsive. So, they adjust to the browser size. You can use CSS to do lots of things with the layout, but... If you force the page to look nice on your computer, it will almost certainly be a mess on another computer. I am not saying you should not try, just keep it in mind. If you look in the Videos Section, there are some on using CSS.

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