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Preview Form Column Edit On/Off Select
When a preview page is open

If a column is not locked globally to editting then double-clicking the column on the preview form opens that column to editing without opening the whole edit form. This is useful much of the time however user 'muscle memory' often 'triggers' the double-click action for copy / paste purposes and this slows that process down as users are forced to wait for the edit state of the column to render in order to proceed.

Other than globally preventing a column from being edited, it would be helpful if there were some way to allow us to selectively prevent the edit process from being invoked on a double-click action on an otherwise editable column?
Like a simple toggle "preview edit/ no preview edit" in the column setup.
User Experience

calvin peters
Date Created
3/27/2023 1:10:57 PM
Date Updated
3/27/2023 2:24:17 PM
New Idea
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calvin peters
cooper collier  3/27/2023 1:40:22 PM
I know what you are asking, and I cannot imagine a way to do this on the backend.
what I do is create a non-editable column for the fields I would often want to use as a copy and paste.
and have that displayed.

Example you have a person's email address.
make a formula text column called Email Displayed and simply put the [email column] in the formula.
then using behaviors, only show the formula column.

Or you can get really fancy and use some xhtml and inline script and make a section with all the parts of a record you want to copy and have some nifty copy buttons, I have done that in a few databases.

calvin peters 3/27/2023 2:24:17 PM

That idea may solve this particular need actually since it is for some simple common copy/paste requirements

Thanks for the suggestion.
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