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Referencing Issue
I have attached a screen shot of the situation I am in... I keep trying to create a drop down reference in a table that looks at another table....
But not all the time, I seem to get an issue whereby the drop down is just returning the first column, when it is another column in the reference table that i want to appear in the dropdown list...
I am obviously missing something obvious here but i can't seem to figure it out....
I have attached the image showing that the Value column is changed to EMGPNO which is what i want, but the list still shows the first column. Doing my head in! Am i being thick or something? lol


Date Created
3/6/2023 12:39:22 PM
Date Updated
3/8/2023 1:46:46 PM
cooper collier  3/6/2023 12:52:16 PM
helping with relations via screenshots would be difficult at best. Have you watched the getting started videos
We made some excellent ones explaining relations

click the reference and relations button to get the videos related to that.

basenine 3/6/2023 3:08:53 PM
JonnyGee 3/8/2023 1:46:46 PM
Thanks guys. I am starting to get my way around i now.... I appreciated the kickstart help!
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