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We have a typical database setup where we have Master tables for Projects , Suppliers, Customers, Purchase Req’s etc, and Detail tables linked to the master tables. One of the Detail tables we use is a ‘Documents” table, that stores pdf copies of Invoices, Purchase orders, and just about any other file you may want to associate with a Master table record. As an example, we store a supplier invoice, and can link this record to the supplier, as well as he project, and the purchase req.
We also have a Detail table called Billing, which tracks all billing, and is related to the projects table and the customer table. The billing details are entered off the invoices produced by our accounts office. (if anyone has a working integration with Quickbooks Desktop, let’s talk…)
I am trying to automatically create and populate a record in the Billings table whenever a sales Invoice is entered in the Documents table. So far I do this by firing a workflow trigger if the document type is set to “Customer Invoice”. This then asks for the invoice details (date, amount, etc), creates a new record in the Billings table, and using assignments, enters the invoice details.
The problem I am having is linking this newly created Billing record to the project and the customer. Both these bits of data are available in the Document record that is being created (due to it being created from a detail view of a project), but I am unable to write them (with assignments) to the Billing record, as these are lookup fields in the Billing table structure.
I’d be grateful for any comments or suggestions to do this correctly.


Lawrence Bricknell
Date Created
2/13/2023 4:05:16 PM
Date Updated
2/14/2023 6:59:35 AM
basenine 2/13/2023 4:39:42 PM
Hello Lawrence,
It looks like you need to add each [Id] (the customer id and project id) to the workflow action.
If the document table is related to both these tables, you’ll find the id of each is the reference column (they may be called [Customer] and [Project])
In the action, get these values and add them to the Documents record.
Hope this helps you out

With regard to Quickbooks…I’ve not done that but have connected Xero multiple times. I believe there are people who have connected Quickbooks so I know it’s possible 👍
Best regards
basenine 2/13/2023 4:42:29 PM
* add them to the *Documents* record

Should be Billing record 😜
Lawrence Bricknell 2/14/2023 6:59:35 AM
That worked, Brett!!
Thanks very much!
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