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Filters/Sorting on Summary/Aggregate Views
I posted this on 'forums' but since there is no viable solution Ill add it to Ideas ;-)

Its not currently possible filter or sort a summary view on an aggregate amount.

Example - supposing you could have a summary view of 'orders' of foods which are grouped by product category Fruit, Vegetables, Tinned, Dried and a total amount and number orders of each category.

I would like to be able to filter only those category where Total(amount) >100 or #records>5 to get the top selling categories

You can filter the underlying records but that is not the same as filtering on the total. Sorting on a total is also not supported currently.

My idea is to support both filtering and sorting on the totals.

There is a solution proposed here with example of filtering duplicate contacts

but this is very poor in performance terms

Only option is to export the result and do some filtering in excel. However, I would prefer to do it in TeamDesk directly and set up some view subscriptions also.

Nick Ashcroft
Date Created
5/9/2022 5:42:36 AM
Date Updated
5/9/2022 5:42:36 AM
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Patricio BustosNick Ashcroft
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