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Add Currency Features
I am working on a DB that is using multiple currencies. Creating the conversion formulas are relatively simple but it is tedious. Keeping the exchange rates current can also be an issue.

I am thinking that this is a common enough need that it can be done universally as a teamdesk feature.

Add a Currency Convert Formula Column. Link it to a public currency table.
Add the country code to the basic currency column used by the conversion column to convert from. Default it to the database default currency.

Then we add the initial currency column, and then add a formula currency convert column for each currency needed.

I recommend that currency conversions be displayed, with the optional rate or date of conversion table update. ie. 15 (rate .56)

cooper collier
Date Created
3/24/2022 9:38:57 AM
Date Updated
3/24/2022 3:54:33 PM
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Patricio BustosPhilipp Matuschka (MMB)Dale Oliver
cooper collier
basenine 3/24/2022 3:52:30 PM
Hello Cooper
You can configure a currency exchange API in TD

Here’s an example of an API service
They give you up to 300 credits free per month
There are likely other services which are free altogether.
I seem to recall an example of this type of API setup in the Team Desk library (?)
basenine 3/24/2022 3:54:33 PM
Here’s one that is entirely free and is limited to 42 currencies

It may be enough for your needs?
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