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How to relate data from intake form to record?
I am trying to set up a system and any help would be appreciated.

Facts below:
- I have a client table containing client records with information such as name, date of birth, etc.
- Client table is related to a second table containing data about client's education and work history
- I have set up a Google Form to capture client's education and work history data (client has to fill out the form)
- I can import the data to TeamDesk
- I can also authorize client to fill out form directly online

- Is there any possibility to relate the data to the client record automatically?
- Is there a way for a client to fill out the information as subforms instead of entering several entries? For example, client has 3 work experiences. Need to enter date of start, date of end, job title, etc., for each work experience. In a related table, that would be 3 related records. How can I automate this process and let client enter this data by themself?
- Would setting a client portal resolve this issue? It seems to me that's the only way to allow clients to enter information related to their situation automatically. Is it possible to set up client portal from within TeamDesk? If so, can someone contact me? I am looking to hire an expert. You can contact me at


Bin Xia Zhang
Date Created
2/8/2022 8:05:18 AM
Date Updated
2/8/2022 8:19:46 AM
cooper collier  2/8/2022 8:19:46 AM
Your going to find it much easier to use a web to record form

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