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Form Behaviour: DataOnly
Column names are not always necessary to display in forms. Sometimes you just want to show some image or text that is self explanatory by its location and context. DataOnly would work just like ReadOnly except the column name is hidden, thus making more space available for the data which in turn creates a cleaner look for forms/webforms.

Robert Gustavsson
Date Created
2/4/2022 9:37:45 AM
Date Updated
2/7/2022 2:47:28 AM
New Idea
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cooper collier Robert Gustavsson
Pierre 2/4/2022 9:41:21 AM
Hello Robert
You can already do this - If I understood you correctly
Display the form, select the field, Edit Form Property,
or Form / Edit Columns
and in the column "Alternative Label", put a space

cooper collier  2/4/2022 9:44:32 AM
There are 2 ways to do this already...
Easy way. On the Form, Edit the Display Name, replace it with a single space. This makes the name disappear.

Slightly harder.. Apply a CSS style to the form. and Use Display:none for the column names you do not wish to see.
Robert Gustavsson 2/4/2022 9:47:27 AM
Thanks, you are absolutely right! Gold medal goes to Pierre and silver goes to Cooper as a close second.
Pierre 2/4/2022 9:49:53 AM
Correction : Gold to Cooper - he is faster
He produced two solutions in six minutes, aka 1 in three minutes
I did only one in four minutes
cooper collier  2/4/2022 9:50:12 AM
NO fair! He has the time zone advantage!!

cooper collier  2/4/2022 9:51:45 AM
3rd option Change the text color to white! HA!
Robert Gustavsson 2/4/2022 9:58:38 AM
After a second thought I'm revoking both your medals. I was planning to go on weekend break but you guys are forcing me stay at the office and absolutely perforate my teamdesk application with spaces.
Robert Gustavsson 2/4/2022 9:59:28 AM
Diploma goes to Cooper!
cooper collier  2/4/2022 10:14:06 AM
Actually, I do not use the space trick too much, because then I have a bunch of columns with no obvious names, this is a royal hassle when programming and looking for issues.

When I want a form to be small or pretty... I use sections. We ALWAYS make a section call DEV, that is placed right before the system columns section. This way New columns tend to be dropped in there. I use form behavior to hide this section except for the DEV group... which is ME!

Then I make an XHTML column, and using HTML with embedded CSS I then build a section.
So if I wanted a name it would be like.
<div style="color:navy; size:50px; background-color-pink"> <%=[firstname]%> <%=[lastname]%> </div>

I then put the xhtml column into a section. I set the section color to white, put a space for the name of the section and the xhtml column.

Now I have a completely custom form. BUT if there is a problem, all the original columns are in the dev section.

I do not do this with all clients, because while it is fun, its time consuming!

Here is a simple sample of one I have done for my own management database

Robert Gustavsson 2/7/2022 2:47:28 AM
That's a quite intricate solution for sure Cooper!

Anyway, to my original suggestion ... it would enable the possibility of having the column names hidden just in view OR edit mode. Maybe an additional global switch could turn all DataOnly behaviours into ReadOnly for debugging purposes. Although the whitespace hack does work, it is rather difficult to visually overview. It also goes against the TeamDesk philiosophy of no code or little code.
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