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Stripe integration
Has anyone out there got experience integrating Stripe payments. I cobbled this together myself a few years ago, but with strong SCA etc I need to redo it.

Using only Teamdesk and Stripe Checkout
I want to
- press a button in TeamDesk
- which calls Checkout
- which collects credit card information for future payments
- which hopefully handles all the possible error situations that can occur when entering a card and any end user SCA of the card that is required
- and then finally gets success or failure information back to the calling instance of TeamDesk, either by way of a Webhook or a return URL (the latter definitely being the preferred option)

No actual payment is collected during all of the above. Payments are later collected monthly using the CustomerID and PaymentID generated by a successful pass of the above. I already have that code.

The main difference between what I am describing above and what iI have already is that today I host the form for collecting card information with DBFlex and this causes PCI compliance issues.

Any takers?

Philipp Matuschka (MMB)
Date Created
11/25/2021 8:55:55 AM
Date Updated
12/14/2022 2:23:52 AM
Luison Lassala 12/9/2022 9:44:40 AM
Hi Philipp, did you get anywhere with this?? I have a client who wants to integrate a TeamDesk database with Stripe Payments. They use TeamDesk to track bookings into events and courses. When someone books into a Course through their website (using HTML5 live forms from TD), I need to be able to offer the user/participant the option to pay for their course in advance via Stripe.
Does your solution achieve the same functionality already?
Any advice/pointers would be much appreciated.
Philipp Matuschka 12/13/2022 3:52:47 AM
Still working with my cobbled together version I'm afraid
Nick Kemp 12/14/2022 2:23:52 AM
Regarding Philipps original post:
I have a version of this working using the stripe subscription api. The tokenisation concept is now deprecated in favour of intents. We use this api to generate portal links, which offloads all the processing to stripe (including accepting CC details). Its not ideal if you want to control the payment events as Philipp does, but you could probably work something out using the one off payment apis.

In terms of your question Luison; while I'm not using payment links myself, you can generate payment links in stripe by doing a call url, storing the payment link against a record in your database. This link could be then emailed to the end user. Stripe also has webhooks that you can listen for to confirm payment (and update your db with that state). I have been using the webhooks this way successfully.


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