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Hello to you all

I am struggling to connect TeamDesk to API and I wonder if somebody could help me do this. This involves an OAUTH authentification.

As far as I understand, provides token which are valid for one hour.
- The initial token have to be requested with OAUTH / this I am failing to do
- The successive tokens are refreshed without OAUTH. This I can do. I am using Integromat to create a refresh request every 50 minutes.

To make the OAUTH authentification, I am trying to use the OAUTH teamdesk system, which requires the following fields (Call workflow action with Generic :

1. Authorization URL
2. Token URL
3. Client ID
4. Client Secret
5. Scope instructions ( explain items 3,4,5, and REDIRECTION URL but not:
1. Authorization URL
2. Token URL
Could you explain what I should use in AUTHORIZATION URL and TOKEN URL ? Is any of them the same thing as REDIRECTION URL ?

Kind regards,



Date Created
9/13/2021 6:38:30 AM
Date Updated
9/22/2021 12:40:17 AM
Pierre 9/13/2021 10:20:32 AM
I found the solution to my issue:

Solved !
1) I was using the wrong OAUTH choice in; the correct one is OAuth 2.0 (User or Client Authentication)
(not with Grant Certificate)
2) When you choose this option, provides the correct redirect URI
3) Authorization URL is:
Kind regards,
4) Leave Token URL empty
Pierre 9/22/2021 12:40:17 AM
On this issue I received the great help of Kiril.

I'll take the liberty to copy here his answer which is far more clear and efficient than what I wrote:

Our Generic OAuth 2 Call URL's authorization type works with any OAuth2 enabled service and completely hides innards of token exchange process. The only trick is to set it up :)

First, some prep is required on side.

On side:
1. At the bottom of sidebar there is a </> Dev Console link. Click.
2. Create New App -- Custom App. Specify OAuth 2.0. Name it. Create.
3. Navigate to app's Configuration tab
4. Set "OAuth 2.0 Redirect URI" to ""
5. Copy Client ID and Secret.
6. Configure Scope -- that is what is allowed

On TeamDesk side setup Call URL action as follows:

Type: Generic OAuth v2
Authorization URL:
Token URL:
Client ID: <from step 5 above>
Client Secret: <from step 5 above>
Scope: in short: to read files use root_readonly, to read and write use root_readwrite.
Full list of scopes here:

Click Authorize button to obtain the code and set up the rest of the action -- that's what you are going to do with


Also, we have sample "Cloud Uploads" database ( ) you can use as a reference.

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