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Date of birth - data type, linked to proper UI selection
Currently the two options for creating DOB field is
1) Creating three fields (year, month, day) and then using a formula to combine them.
This would be a good way to do it, but the current form UI is not great for this. You have to dedicate an entire row/line in the
form to capture these 3 columns, where they are spaced very widely apart. If there is a way to group them closer to each
other, this may make more sense.
2) Use the date field, but not using the date selecter UI, instead just entering the date manually.

Both of the current ways are not great in terms of UX/UI. I would not want to put DOB in a public facing form with this setup.

The ideal would be to have a dob data type, linked with an UI where you can quickly select the year, month and day.
User Experience

Johannes Rossouw
Date Created
8/12/2021 7:17:58 AM
Date Updated
8/29/2021 3:56:31 AM
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Promoted By
Rick CogleybaseninePatricio Bustos
Johannes Rossouw
Rick Cogley 8/29/2021 3:56:31 AM
This would be really useful. One twist is, the locale dictates the structure of this, meaning the labels and the L-to-R order of the DOB's sub-fields.
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