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Inline Edition of Reference Fields (Pointers)
Hello to you all

You probably use the convenient 'inline edit' feature of Teamdesk which enables to quickly edit records without having to display the whole form.

For most field types, it works very well.

For reference fields (pointers to subtables), however, you need to use two columns in the table:
- one column with the lookup value of the reference field : this column cannot edited by the user, but its value is understandable by the user
- one column with the reference field (pointer) : this column can be edited by the user; once selected its value is not understandable by the user (it is a pointer). (during the selection you can display the lookup if you )

I would like to use the 'inline edit' one column only, enabling the edition and displaying only the lookup.
I don't know whether I do not use it properly or whether this is a limitation of TeamDesk.

Has any of you met the same issue, and may be found a solution ?

Thanks for your attention



Date Created
6/11/2021 3:31:02 AM
Date Updated
6/11/2021 4:52:39 AM
Mila Shvets  Staff  6/11/2021 4:30:11 AM
Hi Pierre,

It is possible to use only one column.

In the reference column settings you can choose the Proxy Column.
You may read more about the Proxy Column here

When the Proxy Column is chosen, the system creates a lookup column automatically. This lookup column displays the Proxy Column values.

As the result, you should use just the created proxy lookup column in a view with the activated Inline Edit option.

In this case when you click on the Edit button in the view, the proxy lookup column is replaced with a record picker.

For example, you have the "Client" single-reference column keeping clients' Id values. You choose the "Company" column as the proxy column in the reference column settings. When you save this change, the "Client Company" lookup column will be created by the system. After that you can use only the "Client Company" lookup column in the view with the activated Inline Edit option.

More details about the Proxy Column and the Inline Edit option are described in the paragraph#8 here

Kind regards,
Pierre 6/11/2021 4:52:39 AM
Dear Mila

Thank you for your prompt answer, which enabled to address my issue.

I was using the proxy and the personalized record picker.

But in the inline edited table, I had tried to include:
- the reference column only (does not work)
- the reference column and the proxy column (works but 2 columns - the proxy column is not edited)

I had not tried to use the proxy column (which is the correct solution)

Kind regards,


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