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has anyone used TeamDesk to create Rotas?

I'm using the system to manage a large force of volunteers in a Hospice

So say we serve tea every day and I'm trying to find volunteers to do this. The volunteers will be External Users and so can give their availability online.

Then I'd like an Administrator to allocate the number of people required each day from this pool.

has anyone done anything like this?

Bob Blightman
Date Created
2/19/2021 11:06:45 AM
Date Updated
2/19/2021 11:24:14 AM
calvin peters 2/19/2021 11:24:14 AM
Sounds like 2 or 3 dependent columns and related tables

Schedule table
Volunteers table
Tasks Table

MAny-to-One Relationships from Volunteer to Schedule
MAny-to One Relationship from Tasks to Schedule
Maybe a relationship from Schedule to Schedule to help prevent overlap of Volunteers in timeslots

Something like that would be a suggestion where to start anyway.
There may even be a template you could start with here:
There's lots of examples and templates provided in this DATABASE Library that may do what you need or be a good running start on it with a bit of customizing.

Good luck Bob
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