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session based user properties
we make use of user properties to set some user based preferences/defaults and parameters as per

Does anyone know of a way to set/use parameters per user session rather than per user.

e.g user could be logged in in their browser (session A) and set some parameters and then open an new incognito browser and log in (session B) and apply different parameters than session A ?


Nick Ashcroft
Date Created
2/12/2021 10:01:32 AM
Date Updated
2/24/2021 10:02:24 AM
cooper collier  2/12/2021 10:13:32 AM
What sort of parameters are you asking about?
Nick Ashcroft 2/12/2021 10:19:54 AM
something I can use in the same way as user parameters can be referenced in a formula - a text or integer value for that user + session combination
cooper collier  2/12/2021 12:06:01 PM
I am sorry, I cannot think of anyway that can be done directly, maybe someone else can think of something.

I am sure you are aware of workspaces which control the table sets that show. But I am pretty sure that is not what you are trying to accomplish.

Depending on what your end result you wish to have. I can think of a very complicated way to leverage workspaces. If you wished to record which "session" a record was created from, you can do this...

You have a main table called [customers] there is a text column called [created from session]

Make a new table called [session 1] make a test column call it [seed] . Created a record and put anything in the seed, it really does nothing but make a single record to create buttons..
Create a BUTTON. Add a action, navigation, new record. In table [customers]. Assign "Session One" to column [created from session].

Do the same for a second table called [session 2].

Now make 2 workspaces, for Session 1 and Session 2....

Hopefully you get the idea.
(I know its sort of a crazy complicated way to make it work..)

Nick Ashcroft 2/15/2021 4:31:30 AM
hi Cooper,
thanks for the suggestion. Its not quite what I am after but shows how 'creative thinking' get get around some of the limitations of TeamDesk when trying to use it in an unconvetional way !

My goal is to set some default values/filtering of records based on some session based parameters.

example fictive scenario is a salesman who can sell both 'cars' and 'trucks'. The clients, services, products (cars or trucks) are often (but not always) different according to cars or trucks. Sales Person could be in teamdesk in one 'session' with his 'car selling hat' on and another in his 'truck selling hat'. In each session, the information should be based on which 'hat' he is wearing on that moment. Problem is that the choice of cars and trucks could easily be extended to planes, boats, submarines and more in future so 'hard coding' is to be avoided. I need to be able to, for example, analyse which clients take only cars, only trucks or both.

In user parameters I could indicate which 'hat' the user is wearing but he needs to actually have 2 hats on at the same time (different sessions) to easily alternate between them and have them isolated in different sessions. I could create multiple users but that would become costly in licensing !
Robert Gustavsson 2/24/2021 9:59:34 AM
There is the concept of "role" but it seems that TeamDesk limits each user to one role, although administrators can impersonate different roles. The function Role() returns the role of the current user.
Nick Ashcroft 2/24/2021 10:02:24 AM
indeed - being able to switch between permitted roles would probably solve it.
Unfortunately this is not supported for 'regular' users.
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