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Search within 'Ask the User' filters
some of our 'Ask the User' filters can be very long. Aside from scrolling, there is no easy way to navigate or filter the list of options which is an annoyance for users.

Would be nice if there was a filter box where the list of options could be reduced by typing into the box and limiting the filter options with a substring match.

see example below. TeamDesk filter is on the left. Proposed version is on the right where the values are limited to those containing the text 'glass'.

User Experience

Nick Ashcroft
Date Created
1/4/2021 3:04:13 AM
Date Updated
4/13/2022 3:39:37 PM
New Idea
Promoted By
Luison LassalaCDS NotificationScott Miller
Patricio BustosbasenineNick Ashcroft
Nick Ashcroft 3/18/2022 11:42:54 AM
I see as of today that this feature is now implemented.

thank you very much Team TeamDesk :-)
Patricio Bustos 3/18/2022 2:34:36 PM
Tks a lot!!!
Luison Lassala 4/13/2022 11:50:05 AM
@Nick - where is that feature implemented??? I don't see it in any of the many "Ask the user" filters I have in Views:

Nick Ashcroft 4/13/2022 12:33:48 PM
@Lulson - do you have the 'ask the user' feature enabled under Database -> Labs ?

I think the 'search within' option is only available when using the new style 'Ask the user' section of a view which is turned on via Labs.
Also, it only works when there are more than a certain number of choices - Im not sure what the threshold is but its not always shown.
Luison Lassala 4/13/2022 3:39:37 PM
@Nick - Yes, I have the "Ask the User" Lab option enabled, obviously - I wouldn't be asking this question otherwise ;-)

The reason it was not showing for me in the examples I checked was because there were not enough options. After your last suggestion, I checked another field which has over 100 options and yes, it was displayed on top - I guess I had never noticed it there before until you mentioned it in this thread!!!
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