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KANBAN Calendar with NAVIGATION actions
Calendar Drag-and-Drop works fine to modify a DATE but often more than just a DATE needs to be adjusted.
Usually TIME or perhaps a NAME which is typically a user input rather than a predictable calculation.

Think Appointment Agenda for example.

This requires an input dialogue of some kind like we can access with a NAVIGATION action using a CUSTOM BUTTON with editable columns or a RECORD EDIT page.
Rather than using Drag-and-Drop for DATE only to then have to open the same record for editing to change the TIME or some other aspect of a scheduled event, have a NAVIGATION action triggered to display a CUSTOM BUTTON or RECORD EDIT page.
User Experience

calvin peters
Date Created
8/10/2020 2:34:19 PM
Date Updated
4/16/2021 4:42:53 PM
New Idea
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Andrew WintersPatricio Bustoscalvin peters
calvin peters 4/16/2021 4:42:53 PM
Does this have any legs?
A drag and drop calendar makes a great deal of sense but not if the record has to be opened for edit afterward to update a time.
Perhaps if a calendar could be made more granular than merely days to include times that could be used with drag and that would be nice

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