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item ID to retrieve client number
I want to build a view of all the orders of a specific client that need to be shipped today, by scanning a barcode of an item that belongs to this client.
my table structure is: clients => orders => items.
the user should scan (or type) the item ID (ask the user). the item record contains the client number but I don't know how to retrieve the client no. for the view by getting the item ID.

Assaf Horovitz
Date Created
6/24/2020 8:25:17 AM
Date Updated
6/25/2020 12:04:21 AM
basenine 6/25/2020 12:04:21 AM
Hello Assaf,

You'll most likely need to create a formula barcode field (set to QR works best) with the formula looking something like:
URLRoot() & "/view.aspx?fid_XXXXXX=" & [CUSTOMER ID] & "&id= VIEW ID"

Where fid_XXXXXX is the column id of [CUSTOMER ID]
VIEW ID needs to be hardcoded and it can be found on the view you've created to show the data you described above (the view id should be 7 characters long i.e. 4536789)

This new barcode will need to go on the product (AS WELL AS any existing barcode you may already use).
It may be possible to streamline these barcodes into one for you, but without knowing anymore about your operation, it's hard to commit to that line of thought 😀

Best regards,

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