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Fixed Header
Would suggest to fix the views header in order to have tables and buttons visible when scrolling the page content.

P. Merkel
Date Created
6/10/2020 7:08:05 AM
Date Updated
6/11/2020 9:47:22 AM
New Idea
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P. Merkel
cooper collier  6/10/2020 7:43:28 AM
this is also possible with CSS but a little more difficult. But I something like you say can be done.

if you get stuck let me know and I will try to find time to dig up the code.
"I did it once on one of my personal databases, but decided I did not so much like it. I think the code is somewhere though, have to really dig, or remake it"

NOTE: You suggestions are great... the TeamDesk teams do a great job of making a great solid system. To do that they keep it very basic. The CSS and Script functions allow you to do much customization.

If you do not know CSS, it seems complicated at first, but really its pretty easy. Just do not watch the annoying youtube classes on it until you watch MY annoying class on it. Many folks over complicate it to make there videos "better"
P. Merkel 6/10/2020 8:15:06 AM
Thanks for below would be nice you could find the Code.

I don’t want to become programmer that’s why I decided to run our system on a so called no code system.

But noted that you always find limits of the system. However, as teamdesk is using the behavior function I was thinking it is a good idea to have these suggestions implemented.
cooper collier  6/10/2020 11:03:38 AM
We do not work for TeamDesk but we been using them for maybe 15 years. They purposely keep the system as simple as possible and are purposely very slow to implement some changes, so they code stays stable.

They do market as a "no code" system, if I showed you the actual code to make an online database in AWS or using MySQL and PHP you will understand. They could market as "You can start with no code, but if you get complicated you will need to use some code, maybe!" That just does not fit well on the website <grin>

I will try to remember to look for you.
Remind me i I forget later today, I am on Pacific Time.
or maybe another user will beat me to it..
cooper collier  6/11/2020 9:47:22 AM
i am sorry I have not gotten back, but I have been crazy busy
can you maybe send me a screen shot of point out exactly which elements you wish on top
send it to

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