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Filter Panel for searching tables with Views
Ideally, for every View (or for selected views in Setup), a FILTER PANEL could be displayed where the USER can select ANY Columns from the View's Table. Then they select the Filter Criteria relevant to that Column, like we currently do in Setup.
Additional filter criteria could be added clicking on a + sign, and then another dropdown of Columns would be displayed for the User.

This Filter Panel would make TeamDesk searches very powerful and flexible so admins would not have to create Search options for every View.
See screenshot from an accounting app. This is how they filter Reports.

User Experience

Luison Lassala
Date Created
5/17/2020 4:51:38 PM
Date Updated
5/20/2020 3:30:33 AM
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Joseph KurianMYCS SupportDale Oliver
Silke Bögeleinpatricio.bustos@belltech.laPhilipp Matuschka (MMB)
Luison Lassala
Joseph Kurian 5/19/2020 5:22:32 PM
This would like creating a customized report by the user. I would like to have this feature in TD. We have several users and each user may need their own reason to have special reports which may or may not be needed by other users. If a user can select columns and filters by themselves and create a personal view of the data it would help them much better than creating a canned report (one size fit for all). These created views only will be accessible to them unless they share and it will be shown in the side menu under a special section such as may be 'My view' or something.
Philipp Matuschka (MMB) 5/20/2020 3:30:33 AM
I like this idea, but if this does go ahead, be very wary of NOT allowing users to inadvertently see data they are not allowed to see. For most tables I control access via access permissions. But for some tables this is not possible and so I carefully place filters on every view in that table to make sure that they can only view certain records.
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