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Views, Documents, Email Notifications
I am building a database for a company. As far as I can tell only those with full access can create views/reports and notifications and upload documents. Full access also allows that person to modify the database structure. Can someone please tell me why Teamdesk does not allow a company more flexibility with creating or modifying things that usually are individualized (to a company or manager) than global in nature while at the same time protecting the database structure? Is it impossible or too difficult to do that with an online database platform? Is it so that clients without an IT department have to return to and pay the developer to achieve those actions? It just seems silly that a department head can't do something like create, format, and then upload a new document on their own. I seriously would like to know why because although I have put in a lot of time I am tempted to look for that ability elsewhere.

Michael Clay
Date Created
4/7/2020 1:49:07 PM
Date Updated
4/7/2020 1:49:07 PM
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