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Abbility to show or hide print/export/send buttons of views, also for views in dashboard
To have the abillity to show or hide the print,export and send buttons of a view. Currently they are always visible or views except when the view is added to a dashboard.

My situation is a follows.
I add different products with quantities measured in diferent units to a table. I sum the quantities to totals. This makes sense in the view grouped by product. In the view grouped by Month to see all products and quantities added per month the total does not make sense since it adds different units.
To overcome this I added the Month view to a dashboard to hide the total with css in a text (HTML ) section of the dashboard. This workd fine but now I dont have access to the print and send buttons since they are hidden by default when the view is added to the dashboard.

I can hide the totals in the dbstyles resource but then it is also hidden on the Product grouped view.

It would in any case be good to have control over the visibility ofthese buttons, both for single views and for views in dashboards.

Please do consider.


gert pienaar
Date Created
3/27/2020 9:05:47 AM
Date Updated
3/28/2020 3:48:05 PM
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gert pienaar
Jorge Solá 3/28/2020 3:48:05 PM
Gert, I totally agree with your suggestion. I think this added flexibility would be helpful.

Anyway, in the situation you describe one possibility would be to add a second Total column, a Formula number column, identical to the first Total column, the only difference being that you would uncheck the Total checkbox (under Numeric Options). Then in the Grouped by Product view you would display the first Total column, whereas in the Month view you would display the second Total column.

This way you would not need to have the view inside a dashboard.
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