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It would be nice if we could manage some kind of a dialogue between the system and the user. At the moment as far as I can see there are two options

a) the confirmation message - which is basically a Yes or a No
b) using form bahaviour which is for the one part fiddly and for the other part slow to the user.

So how about for Record Change Triggers, one of the possible actions is to "Ask the user". This could have a question, with n possible answers and a further Action associated with the answer. That action could be any of the usual actions and also be another Ask the user.

A simple version of this is the warning message instead of the error message:
E.g: You have not yet entered a date for this Invoice do you want to
Enter the Invoice date ---> go back to Edit mode
Save as draft --> set status field to draft and save
Use doday's date ---> set invoice date to today and then save.


Philipp (Augusta)
Date Created
12/9/2019 10:13:15 AM
Date Updated
1/18/2020 8:56:30 AM
New Idea
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cooper collier Rafael MuñizPatricio Bustos
Nick AshcroftPhilipp (Augusta)
cooper collier  12/9/2019 11:19:27 AM
I did not mean to promote this..... anyway
there is already a method to make a dialog type that you are suggesting.

THE EASY WAY or this is where to start to understand the concept.

Make a new custom button.
Look under the confirmation text line. you will see the.

ASK the user - select the EDIT Columns

Now pick the columns you want to edit.

THIS is a GREAT tool many folks already know about. Most people would use it to add a button to a View for quick updates like, UPDATE date, or something...

Pay attention to the fact that you can ask multiple columns and more importantly you can CANCEL and nothing happens.


RIGHT next the the Edit columns is the EDIT Form... At first glance you will think, Thats stupid! may as well use the edit button! WRONG!!!!

This is a very powerful dialog feature. You just need a few "tricks"

You are going to use Drag and Drop Forms, Behaviors and Actions.

These are the things you need to do.

1 - Make a Section on your form call it Dialog.
2 - Make some temp columns and put them in the section. You can even put some Text in it.
3 - Hide the section by default for edit and view
4 - Make a checkbox column call is SHOW DIALOG
5. remove the SHOW DIALOG column from the form you never ever want to show it to anyone,
6. make a button.
7. make sure the EDIT FROM is checked.
8. Save the button
9. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Before adding actions add an assignment

10 add an assignment to SHOW DIALOG = true.
11. Make a behavior, for when SHOW DIALOG = true ; make the Dialog section Visible, make all other sections hidden..

TADA --- you now have a dialog box!!!


IF the cancel button is hit, the assignments in step 9 are reversed (canceled) and the following steps do not run!!

If the SAVE button is hit, the Assignments are saved, THEN the following steps are run.

12. Add actions, I use what I call temp columns sometimes in the dialog section. sometimes even using it to build a child record from the main. The person will fill in all the columns then I will make a New Record action and then assign all the TEMP values.

13. FINAL ACTION... the last action should always be to clear or reset the TEMP columns and the SHOW DIALOG column... so it would be...


That is it.

I know this can be very confusing in this texts without screen shots.

SO. IF ANYONE WANTS, I can make a tutorial on this.

BUT... you will have to promise to send happy holiday thoughts our way!


Philipp Matuschka (MMB) 12/13/2019 2:19:31 AM
Hi Cooper

I get what you are saying but I don't like it for 2 reasons

1) as you say yourself, it is complicated. But I could get over that.

2) I find that the more behaviour rules you add the forms, the slower and slower they get. This is understandable from a technical persective, but not to users. So I want to keep forms as simple as possible and therefore manage dialogues separately. This is why even though I prefer EDIT Form in Buttons, I don't use it, because it makes the regualr form just too slow.
Muhammad Nazir 1/18/2020 8:56:30 AM
Nakasa gane komai kuma ban fahimta ba?
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