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Hover text for Buttons
The new Icons for Buttons are great and are saving a lot of space on Views. However they do raise the requirement for a Help section in the Button configuration form. This help text should then be available as hover text, similar to the ? beside columns on forms.

This would be an amazing addition.

Short term work around would be to just make the Button Label appear when hovering over the Icon. Just for those users who cannot work out icons

Other, less urgent addition, would be to allow Hide Text to be separated into Table View and Preview Page, so that just Icons can be used in Tables and the full Button Label with or without icon can be used on Preview page.

Philipp Matuschka (MMB)
Date Created
12/6/2019 7:52:18 AM
Date Updated
11/5/2023 8:24:05 AM
New Idea
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Patricio BustosRafael MuñizPhilipp Matuschka (MMB)
Rafael Muñiz 11/5/2023 8:24:05 AM
Hello, I would like to add to this idea exchange also, the possibility of reducing the size of the help icon (?), which causes a slight distortion in the form, perhaps even not being visible, and so the "help" text appearing when you hover the mouse over the column name. Thanks.
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