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Find the Highest ID
Hi Community,
Anyone have a more natural procedure to get the HIGHEST ID of a table with X records?
What I do is make a self-summary to get a summary field with the highest ID.
After that I generate a formula to match the ID with the highest ID.
What do I do this for? For example in a table where you want to make a Headline view and compare the data of the last month entered with the previous one.
This works very well with few data, but with many it becomes unmanageable.
Maybe I am missing something and someone has a more appropriate procedure that you can share. TeamDesk.docx

Patricio Bustos
Date Created
10/29/2019 12:16:13 PM
Date Updated
10/29/2019 12:59:41 PM
calvin peters 10/29/2019 12:59:41 PM
If you're trying to compare current month to last month results would it not be something more like
Advanced Options
Show Difference: FirstDayOfMonth([SomeRefColDate])=FirstDayOfMonth(AdjustMonth(Today(),-1))
I use something like this in a header to project a rolling total This year-over-Last year.
Not sure if that answers your question or not but it doesn't require a rel'n or knowledge of a largest Record Id. Just date ref's.

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