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Make it easier to see Defaults in Set-Up for non-formula columns
Having discovered that the calculation of defaults in non-formula field is slowing down my NEW form for various tables I decided to do a review of all the defaults I used. To do this I had to click into each column one by one. Were I doing a similar review of formula columns, I could just scna the list.

For the list of formula columns one can see
- Name
- Type
- Formula
- Notes

For non-formula columns one gets to see
- Name
- Type
- Required
- Unique
- Notes

Extending this to
- Name
- Type
- Default
- Required
- Unique
- Notes

would make this kind of review so much easier.

In fact why not make it the same as where a VIEW is presented to end users. Make ll columns visible and provide a CUSTOMIZE button so we can choose which columns we want to see.

Philipp Matuschka
Date Created
10/23/2019 4:53:22 AM
Date Updated
10/23/2019 6:10:05 AM
New Idea
Promoted By
Patricio BustosbaseninePhilipp Matuschka
basenine 10/23/2019 6:10:05 AM
This is a good idea.

On a side note, I had slowdowns occur on formula columns and had to change them to formula(ed) non-formula columns!
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