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View "Send" Subject Custom Population
I got a request from a user to pre-populate the subject field, of the form that gets set up, when you click "Send" from a View, but after contacting support, it's not possible.

The default Subject appears to be something like:

DBName - TableName - ViewName

The client wants to add information from the filter, that was used to create the view, such as, if they filter on client, and select ACME, then the subject defaults to:

[ACME] DBName - TableName - ViewName

... or if it's DELTA, then the subject defaults to:

[DELTA] DBName - TableName - ViewName

So, it would be great if the View setup UI could include a way to use placeholders to let us build such a string, that Teamdesk then uses to populate that Subject line.

Like if in Setup there were a section in the View called "Setup Send" and you use some %% placeholders. If "atu" indicates Ask the User, maybe the string looks like:

%atu:[Client Name]% %DbName% %TableName% %ViewName%

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Rick Cogley
Date Created
9/19/2019 12:41:59 AM
Date Updated
9/19/2019 12:41:59 AM
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