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Add "Kanban" View Type
I’m really interested in a "kanban" interface, like the Projects tab in a Github repository or a Trello page, where you can drag an object from say a "backlog" swimlane, to "work in progress" to "closed", changing its state automatically when you drop it.

This is useful for many scenarios, and in fact is quite a popular UI pattern these days. The table records would be the "cards" you see on a typical kanban like Trello, and the "swim lanes" would usually be record / workflow statuses: backlog, WIP, closed, cancelled or the like.

Like calendar views, if the kanban card could have a certain "richness" to it, or, the ability to display a color or showing a checkbox or a derived string like a formula text column, that would be really great.

If the kanban could have Grouping and Sorting like other view types that would be great too. For example, if it could show multiple kanbans grouped by clients etc in an "ask the user" section, it could be used to show tasks by client / user group / dept etc.

What are the chances of getting such a view added to Teamdesk/dbFLEX, so that we can just create a "kanban" view as easily as we can create a table, timeline or calendar view?
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Rick Cogley
Date Created
9/18/2019 1:09:25 AM
Date Updated
10/8/2019 8:19:07 AM
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Rafael MuñizMichael TillPatricio Bustos
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Rick Cogley
basenine 9/18/2019 2:16:05 AM
I love the idea of drag'n'drop records onto different status views.

Drag'n'drop records in a Calendar View would be welcome as well.

Rick Cogley 9/18/2019 3:05:04 AM
Indeed, being able to move say, due dates or deadlines by drag/dropping on a calendar is good too.

In the kanban's I've seen, usually when you click a card, you get a modal popup to edit something about the card in. That's a little different from the typical way things are done in Teamdesk though, since the "edit page" is a full page view.

A well-designed product built around a kanban UI is the Planview LeanKit product: https://leankit.com/product/ It has a collapsible UI where, you can see the Backlog is kind of collapsed at the left, and when you're in the main dev area, groupings under primary dev process areas Design / Dev / Review, and then, sub areas under Dev: Expedite, Active Projects, Maintenance/Support. The card UI is pretty rich too, with a progress bar on the card, for subtasks inside the card.

I made a mockup:


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