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Add an "OR" drop-down option to the "Create New View" window.
SCENARIO: I want a report that shows all orders in our system that may include a specific device/product. In our system, each order record can have up to 4 different devices (or products) and I don't know which of the four product fields may contain that specific I need to check all four fields for each order so that if that device was entered in any of those product fields, that order will be picked up for my report.

THE WAY I DO THIS NOW: In the attached will see where I'm creating a view (Figure 1) based on multiple fields (Product 1, Product 2, Product 3, Product 4) possibly containing the device I'm looking for.

Currently what I have to do is create the view as you can see (attached doc). Then I save the view and have to go back in to edit the view and select "Custom Formula" to reveal the coding and change the "and" to "or" between the product fields (Figures 2 and 3 on attached doc).

It would be GREAT if we could simply add an "or" field or even an "and" or "or" drop-down option we could select while creating the view without having to save then edit via the custom formula. That dropdown could default to 'and' but be there so we could select 'or' when needed.

I have to do this on SEVERAL reports so this would be very helpful.

Can this be done?
And-Or Idea.docx

Billy Hodges
Date Created
8/29/2019 12:05:52 PM
Date Updated
8/29/2019 12:48:00 PM
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Billy Hodges
basenine 8/29/2019 12:48:00 PM
Hello Billy
I’m not 100% certain if the following will help, but it’ll be worth a try.
Create a new Formula-Text field called [SEARCH PRODUCT]
Create Formula: List(“, “, [Product 1], [Product 2], ]Product 3], [Product 4])
In your view, filter with [SEARCH PRODUCT] Contains <Ask the user>
This should return all records where the product you’re searching for is in at least one of those fields
Let me know how you go 👍😀
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