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Dynamic Web-to-Form
So I have Customers in our system. we go out and service equipment at our customers location. After each service call I would like to email the customer a 5 question survey. I have setup with a web-to-form that works great. Only complaint is that after they submit the form we must go into the table and associate each record with a company so that they are all linked to the company. what I would like to do is when we send the link to the form, somehow embed a customer number into the link so that it auto populates certain fields on the web-to-form page. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Mike Nelson
Date Created
6/24/2019 10:37:25 PM
Date Updated
6/25/2019 1:36:28 AM
basenine 6/24/2019 10:54:10 PM
I’m about to do something similar this week
I was thinking of creating a link that could be emailed to the customer
The link would have the customer Id in it as a value
I’d also use the ‘public’ link as described in the help pages so that only limited access is made available
I’ll let you know how I go and if it works/doesn’t work
Nick Ashcroft 6/25/2019 1:18:59 AM
we use the 'public' option for a feedback form and also pass parameters to the fields (some read-only) from an external application (but could easily be an email).

I was a little nervous about it working securely but seems fine so long as you configure and test the role correctly and thoroughly. You can make use of lots more of the native teamdesk functionality than web form.
basenine 6/25/2019 1:36:28 AM
Thanks Nick
Seems my logic was on track and with your affirmation, I feel I won’t be going down a rabbit hole!
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