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"Joint" NEW form
I would like to propose a form in which records in two (or more) tables can be created at the same time. For example I have a relationship "Contact has one or more Addresses".

Using the current system I have to
- create the contact
- go to the sub tab
- add a new Address

I can work around this by having fields on the Contact form which collect the Address data and then create the Address record by trigger. This works but it means I have to build and maintain any validation rules twice. It also means that any reference from Address (e.g country) have to be duplicated in Contact, just for the purpose of creating the Address.

Another workaround with the new Navigation buttons would be to trigger the presentation of a NEW Address form immediately after saving the Contact. For the user this is a two step process and he is "forced" down that road even if he does not want to add an address.

So my suggestion is that it is made possible to embed a NEW Address form in the NEW Contact form.

Other examples:
Invoice and first invoice line
Project and first deliverable

Philipp Matuschka (MMB)
Date Created
5/28/2019 2:53:04 AM
Date Updated
6/17/2022 1:11:42 AM
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Philipp Matuschka (MMB)
Jorge Solá 6/17/2022 1:11:42 AM
Actually, to expand this concept, it would be nice if users could add details in a window of the master record, while either creating or modifying the master record, without having to first save the master record & then creating or modifying details.

Saving the master record would automatically save the visible associated detail records.

Kind of like Invoices work in Paypal. You create an invoice, & right there you have a + sign to add items to the invoice.

You would still store the info in a master table & a details table, but the user would only see the master table, with a window where the associated records in the details table would show.
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