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Action Button Arrangement
Currently the action button
View Edit Del - was arrange in the horizontal

would it be possible to have it on the vertical arrangement

since there are no mobile app currently available, we need to view it on the mobile phone. it will give more viewing area if it is on the vertical arrangement

regards action button

Ahmad Syahmy MS
Date Created
5/15/2019 1:55:45 PM
Date Updated
5/15/2019 3:45:45 PM
New Idea
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Nick Ashcroftcooper collier Ahmad Syahmy MS
cooper collier  5/15/2019 2:09:23 PM
Posting Comment.

1. There is a mobile app, you can give it a try.
2. You can make the first column align /wrap with the following CSS code.

There are 3 places you can do this.

If you put this in dbstyles.css, you should target the specific table views you wish to use it on.
Otherwise it will make the changes everywhere.

You can also place the css in a dashboard by making an HTML text section. Put the below between style tags

/*make the buttons wrap*/
td.fs-fixedcol > nobr > a {width:60px;border-width:1px;border-radius:0px;border-color:black;float:left;}
td.fs-fixedcol > nobr > button {width:60px;border-width:1px;border-radius:0px;border-color:black;float:left;font-size:8px!important;}

/*set the width of the first column*/
td.fs-fixedcol {max-width:260px!important;width: 150px!important}

/*move the checkbox to the right center vertical*/
td.fs-fixedcol > nobr > input[type="checkbox"]{background-color:red;float:right;margin-top:30px;margin-bottom:20px}
gerardo garcia 5/15/2019 3:26:50 PM
This is nice! Thanks.
Would be great if the -new edit delete- buttons would group into a single button with drop down.
Nick Ashcroft 5/15/2019 3:33:20 PM
How can you target changes in dbstyles.css to only particular views ?
cooper collier  5/15/2019 3:37:13 PM
well actually.
Just make new navigation buttons that do the same thing.
then hide the default ones with CSS..

I have done that in a few places, and it works great, you just have a single pull down commands.

Doing this, you have the ability to make custom buttons, instead of a button that says "View" you can make it say, "Take a LOOK" , Ok that may be going to far. But sometimes a different words than View, edit, delete work better.

cooper collier  5/15/2019 3:45:45 PM

I am going to have to send you off into documentation land.

I made a couple of CSS tutorials. Go to the bottom of this page

I am sorry, I do not remember if I covered that exact point. If not, go to this page in the documentation.

I have to admit that I have to look up css selectors enough that I have this page bookmarked.

If.. these places do not get you what you need. Let me know. I will slam out a quick addition to the tutorials. But, I may not be able to get to it until the weekend.

Let me know.


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