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Increase No of Documents/File Attachments against an Email
Currently you can only attach one document and one file attachment to an email. Would be preferable if the limit was higher.

Scott Miller
Date Created
5/2/2019 8:18:55 AM
Date Updated
5/31/2024 7:29:48 AM
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Scott Miller
Jorge Solá 6/14/2019 9:07:25 AM
Any possibility of having this? Even just increasing the number of documents to 2 would represent a 100% improvement.

Alternatively, has anyone found a workaround?
cooper collier  11/27/2019 1:13:06 PM
There needs to be the ability to add more than one document and one file to an email notification action. The more the merrier, but at least 2 of each.

Example: I have some clients that routinely would like to send a record email attachment. in more than one language. IE. English invoice and Spanish invoice...
Luison Lassala 3/20/2023 4:01:23 AM
Yes, please. I have two clients that need to send several Files associated with a record on a regular basis.
Slava Shinderov  Staff  5/31/2024 3:43:56 AM
Merged with:
1321 - Email Documents and Files
MYCS Support 5/31/2024 7:29:48 AM
Hi all, there are a few things we do to increase sending more than two files in an email notification

1. We have Multiple file attachments columns in the form where a user uploads the applicable files and we simply put the file merge fields into the email body. These columns are made public, so the recipient can click on the file hyperlinks in the email to download the attachments

2. To generate more than 1 document and send this in a notification we would again have multiple file attachment columns in the form, use the standard generate document action to generate and save the document to one or more of the file columns and put the column merge fields into the email body

3. Sometimes we need to send files/documents to another application, in most cases it's to another DB Flex built application, we still use the above action to generate the document(s), save the document(s) to the file attachment columns but then use a call URL Action to send the file or files to the receiving application

"Paperwork PDF": <%=URLRoot()&"/attachment.aspx?fid="&ColumnId([File 1 Column Name])&"&guid="&Right([File 1 Column Name], ';')&"&ext=."&Right(Left([File 1 Column Name], ';'), '.')%>,

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