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Hide Views/Tables on Forms Based on form data
I know that we can hide a table based on a user's role or with a custom formula. And we can select what table views to display at the bottom of a form. But it would be very useful to be able to display certain tables/views based on form information.

For example, if my customer table has a checkbox column called "Vendor" checked...
the "Vendor Orders" table at the bottom.

And if a checkbox called "Customer" is checked...
"Contacts", "Work Orders", "Customer Notes" tables would be displayed at the bottom

Michael Till
Date Created
12/14/2018 2:45:35 PM
Date Updated
7/24/2019 10:55:45 PM
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Michael Till
Admin Account 7/24/2019 10:55:45 PM
Is there any work around to accomplish this?
for example I have a table called CUSTOMER ASSETS
That table has a column called ASSET TYPE

If a the user selects "Fire Alarm System", I'd like to show tables
|Smoke Detectors | Heat Detectors | Horn Strobes |

If a the user selects "Fire Suppression System", I'd like to show tables
|Risers | Backflows | Pumps |

This allows different types of assets to be listed in the same table, and when opened, the user only sees the relevant related information. I currently have to list information in XHTML lookup tables for different asset types and it drastically hurts performance once I apply the many different behavior rules.
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