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Row from view list interacting with dates (colorization)
Hi everyone,

I want create a view where it can interacts with a past due date.
Here's an example of what I would like it to look like. (file attached)

Basically when today's date is past, I want the row to change color so I know which person has to be recertified.

Let me know if this option is possible and how I could make it work.


Yanik Rouleau
Date Created
11/22/2018 3:04:17 AM
Date Updated
11/22/2018 4:22:36 AM
Scott Miller 11/22/2018 3:23:27 AM
Hi Yanik

Tick the 'Row Colorization' box at the bottom of the View Setup.

Add this to the Formula box underneath

Yanik Rouleau 11/22/2018 3:27:46 AM
You are the best. The worked like a charm.

Scott Miller 11/22/2018 3:33:32 AM
No problem :-) You might find the View easier on the eye by replacing the "Red" with "#ff6666" or something similar. If you Google HTML Colour codes you'll see the colour charts and the relevant codes.
Yanik Rouleau 11/22/2018 3:39:19 AM
Perfect. Yeah I changed it to that color.

Is there a way to make a time warning color like yellow with it is about to expire. For example 1 month prior the expiration the row would become light yellow?

Thank in advance
Scott Miller 11/22/2018 3:54:59 AM
Something like this

If(Between([Exp:], Today()-30d, Today()), "Yellow", [Exp:]<Today(),"Red")
Yanik Rouleau 11/22/2018 4:04:42 AM
The red works when it's past due but the yellow don't appear for some reason. I also tried +30 instead of -30 to see if it did it and it doesn't appear either.

Scott Miller 11/22/2018 4:12:17 AM
Apologies Yanik I'm doing this without testing, is this better?

If(Between([Exp:], Today(), Today()+30d), "Yellow", [Exp:]<Today(),"Red")
Yanik Rouleau 11/22/2018 4:15:05 AM
Worked like a charm. Thank you so much.
I need to learn more about these functions. I understand it because I use excel a lot but I always make syntax errors.

Scott Miller 11/22/2018 4:22:36 AM
One tip that might help.

Use the filter builder in the 'Matching' section of the View to build your filter. Save the View then Edit the View and press 'Custom Formula' in the 'Matching' section.

It will provide the filter in longhand which you can then copy and reuse
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