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Google calendar integration tip
We just set up a google calendar integration and were getting a parse error; after much trial and error we figured it out so I wanted to share in case anyone else runs into this issue.
Following the instructions here:

We found that Teamdesk would not allow us to select JSON as the body format, but leaving the format as Text was rejected by the google api with a parse error. We were able to resolve this by checking the "use headers" box and entering this as a header:

Content-Type: application/json

then, after saving, we were able to select JSON as the body format , and then google was able to parse.

also, when setting up oauth, the authorization redirect url in teamdesk is no longer visible after you enter the client ID into teamdesk. so copy the authorization redirect url first before entering the clientID (or, to get it afterwards, delete the clientID value temporarily. )


Kathryn Whitenton
Date Created
11/16/2018 7:53:36 PM
Date Updated
2/19/2019 5:30:11 PM
Mike Nelson 2/19/2019 5:22:09 PM
Have you had any luck with a command to move event to different calendar?
I schedule techs out of my system so in my google calendar I have Primary calendar and then 3 other sub calendars

When a work order comes into the system it is unassigned to a tech and therefore goes on to the main calendar I would like to be able assign it to a different tech and then have it move to sub calendar for that tech. I have all the calendar id's but I can't seem to come up with the correct json body to get it to move???

Kathryn Whitenton 2/19/2019 5:30:11 PM
I haven't done that before but I would think you might be able to do it by:
1. make a new trigger which creates a totally new event on the new calendar
2. set up a separate trigger which deletes the original event if you no longer want it on the original calendar. (or if you can't delete maybe could at least 'update' the original event and overwrite the values with blank spaces or a generic message that says 'assigned' or something like that.)
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